The Movie Screenplay are a team of screenplay analysts who summarize movie scripts into 7 pages or less for financiers and producers in the film industry.

Financiers and producers don’t have the time to read each script that lands on their door. We do the heavy lifting for them, reading your work in detail, taking meticulous notes and providing a clear, concise summary about what your script entails.

The fact is, 90% of screenplays don’t make it past the next level. We’ll make sure yours is part of the 10% that does.

Our four coverage experts have been employed all the major movie studios and top-name producers. So that coverage remains unbiased and uncompromisable, our staff is given absolute privacy.

The team at “The Movie Screenplay” prepares a detailed report of what your film script is about. We break down character development, plot-points, pacing, what works and what doesn’t. We wrap it up with an overall judgment about your material. Our script coverage truly determines whether your screenplay will be taken to the next level.