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Whether you have written dozens of film scripts, or are a first-time screenwriter, movie screenplay coverage is an integral step in getting your project noticed, read, and eventually, picked-up. TMS’s film script coverage can help you get new eyes on your screenplay. If you need some advice before a re-write, want professional feedback, or are trying to find opinion, TMS has you covered.

With TMS movie screenplay coverage, you will get constructive suggestions from experts in the film business about what works (and what doesn’t) in your script, in order to take it to the next level.

Your film script may be a few changes away from becoming a must-read, and deserves to be seen by an expert who has given opinions on hundreds, if not thousands, of movie screenplays.

TMS provides movie script writers and film producers an industry-standard film coverage report summarizing aspects of the screenplay, including a rating, logline, character synopsis and storyline breakdown. We offer guidance on the best way to enhance the film screenplay. Movie production companies and film studio representatives appreciate the time-saving summary our screenplay coverage reports provide.

Your movie script will be read by our seasoned film screenplay readers, who will send you a 6-8 page screenplay coverage report within 14 days or less.

TMS will supply you with film script coverage that is both essential and constructive, pointing out where your movie screenplay warrants more work, to give it the best possible chance of getting seen by key people in the entertainment industry, including agents, producers, directors and investors. TMS’ screenplay coverage readers have worked with a few of the finest and greatest studios and agencies in the film industry.

Finishing your movie screenplay is only the start of its journey. The next and critical step is to get it read by an impartial film script expert, who can evaluate your work, and tell you where its strengths lie. These same film script readers will provide constructive criticism that, if used, can only perfect your screenplay.

You simply get one chance at a first impression. It makes sense to show your film script to a screenplay specialist who is worked in the industry for a long time. Get industry-standard screenplay coverage from our experienced readers to ensure your script is prepared to make the Hollywood rounds.

All readers at TMS have signed a rigorous and complete non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. Rest assured that your content will not be shared with anyone.


Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the movie screenplay readers at TMS have read for Spike TV, HBO, FOX Studios, Rysher Entertainment, TriStar, Showtime, Paramount, Miramax, Comedy Central, LionsGate, Alliance/Atlantis and many more.

The majority of our readers have been with us for multiple years, all with a minimum of five-to-ten years of screenplay reading experience.

Our readers are given no specific rating directions to influence our business – all of us at TMS are proud to provide assistance, criticism and analysis of every movie screenplay we read.

We understand what it feels like to receive criticism on a passion project. It is natural to think that a stranger won’t “get” your work. Our job is not to judge your story, but to inspect all aspects of the screenplay as a whole.

Our readers provide brief, fair and helpful suggestions to perfect your labour of love. We never spin our screenplay coverage in a favorable direction simply to make a customer happy. Our customers come back for our expertise, truthfulness and objectivity.

We have literally hundreds of regular customers who have chosen us to provide fair and impartial movie screenplay coverage over other script reading companies.


All scripts will be given a rating predicated on the industry standard called Pass, Contemplate, or Advocate.

We do not submit your screenplay to anyone on your behalf, nor will we make any recommendations on who to send it to. This is to ensure our services are 100% unbiased.

Do not get depressed if you get a “PASS”. A grade less than what you may have expected is your secret weapon – the report will illustrate what you can do to perfect your movie screenplay.

Movie screenplay coverage is an evaluation and overview of a film script’s storyline and writing quality, used by agencies, production companies and entertainment studios to weed out the good scripts from the bad.

Coverage is made up of variety of components, the first of which is a 1-to-2 page synopsis of the story and principal characters. The second is a subjective overview of the piece that evaluates the potency of the screenplay’s various elements (such as story structure, characterization, dialogue, and writing style). The screenplay coverage report isolates the film script’s strong points and weak areas. The assessment finishes using a recommendation typically based on 1 of 3 terms:
— Pass: The reader believes that the film script does not make the grade in many places.
— Consider: The reader believes the film script is good enough to carry on with, while recognizing important issues that must be solved before the section could be viewed as acceptable.
— Advocate: The reader believes the film script is very powerful in all respects.

When finished, the synopsis, review, and assessment are assembled and fronted with a cover page that lists the script’s critical info (author’s name, narrative genre, time and places it which it takes place, duration of the script, etc.) and includes a simple outline of the storyline and the review. The analyst’s ultimate recommendation is highlighted on the cover page.

What movie screenplay coverage from TMS contains:

  • Logline: Your script, summed up in a couple of sentences.
  • Synopsis: Your narrative, squeezed down to the essentials.
  • Evaluation: Many factors in your screenplay are judged, including characters, conflict, dialogue, readability, pacing, and more.
  • Recommendation: One of 3 potential recommendations: PASS (the script isn’t a lost cause, but it requires lots of work), CONTEMPLATE (the script still needs work, but might be considered by means of an agency or studio), or ADVOCATE (The script is pretty much good to go, so proceed and get it out there.)
  • Opinions: You may not agree with some, (or even any) of our comments, however, you can use exactly what you agree with and lose the remainder, or at the very least, see how our screenplay reader responds to your script, allowing you tweak your draft so that there is less possibility of being misunderstood by an agency, movie studio or film production company.


Do I have to get movie screenplay coverage before I submit it to agents, producers and investors?

You certainly do not. But as you most likely already know, the playing field is tipped in favor of established screenwriters. A spec script from an unknown screenwriter is an almost hopeless sell, because you are up against close relationships with agents, producers and screenwriters with long track records.

Each and every line on each and every page of your script must not only amuse an agency, studio, or producer, but in addition convince them

(a) that you understand your craft,

(b) you have excellent thoughts which are marketable, and

(c) you are a gift worth taking a chance on.

Short of these vital criteria, your script has little opportunity on its own. Receiving film script coverage from TMS gives you an idea how someone in the movie industry would respond to your screenplay, providing you with a chance to make any essential alterations before it gets seen by the right people. Put it this way: if you were about to make a presentation in front of a key crowd, would you not rehearse beforehand?

Will movie screenplay coverage from TMS mechanically enhance my script?

That component is up to you personally, or your writer. That which we offer is our sincere evaluation of what is working and not working about your script. It is your choice to determine whether to use it.

What are your film script reading and movie screenplay coverage qualifications?

All of our readers have at least five years experience in the film industry, working with other script writers, producers, agents and investors at major studios including Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros., Samuel Goldwyn and other established industry leaders. We do not hire use interns or college students, nor do we outsource any of our work.

I am bad at receiving critical comments. Should I purchase service from TMS?

We actually do not need to hurt your feelings! TMS is likely not the spot for you if you are not huge on receiving constructive criticism. We don’t know you well enough to try and hurt you! You are paying us for honest feedback. We have no incentive to rub you the wrong way.

Will my script be safe?

Absolutely. Your script stays 100% private. One reader will read and cover your film script, and that is it.

Are you guys objective with script notes and your script coverage?

Commenting critically on someone’s hard work and reading is 100% unbiased and objective. Our reaction to your passion project – and not the topic if your story – is a key element in what keeps our customers returning to us. Our feedback is identical to how a film industry would respond to a screenplay. That said, our analysts are reasonable and helpful. We are never, ever spiteful or malicious.

Do you charge additional for scripts only 1 page over the 120 page limitation?

We work with seasoned film industry script readers that are paid for their expertise, time and energy. The industry standard for a movie screenplay is less than 120 pages. If the film script is longer, our readers are fairly paid for their hard work, even if the screenplay is just one page longer than our page limit. Do not fiddle with margins or font sizes in order to get your script under 120 pages.


$99 for coverage reports for screenplays up to 119 pages (plus $1 per page over 120 in your film script).
$79 for coverage re-reads for screenplays up to 119 pages (plus $1 per page over 120 in your film script).

We will provide you with movie screenplay coverage in a PDF report that is approximately 6 to 8 pages long within 7 business days or less.

Step 1: Enter your contact info and submit your screenplay in Word or PDF format in the submission form below.

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Step 3: Await our email confirming receipt of your movie screenplay and online payment. Once both are successfully received, our readers will get to work!

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